Counselling Ministry

our vision

To raise up a generation of passionate disciples of Jesus Christ, dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel for the glory of God.

our purpose

To provide our church family and community with bible-based counselling with the goal of seeing believers grow in their relationship with Christ and move toward spiritual health and maturity.

our philosophy

EHA chapel  is committed to providing our church family with help as they grow to become mature believers. The process of discipleship is a focus of all the ministries at our church. Biblical counselling resources include useful studies and tools designed to benefit all Christians in becoming more like Christ through the Word and counseling for our members in need can help them to face life issues and problems.

Church counsellors are professionals who have received extensive training in the skills of listening, clarifying and goal-setting. Through prayerful submission to the leading of God we offer a biblical response to personal, marital and family needs.